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“I recently discovered Arisun, a great Korean place on Dixon St in Chinatown. They have amazing fried chicken.”


Mr Wong (Merivale Group) head chef,2008 SMH Best Young Chef Award
“If you have not been to Arisun by now then you just are not doing Sydney, or chasing the fried chicken dream, right.”


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“Arisun’s Stone Pot Bi Bim Bab is the perfect balance of bulgogi beef, pickled veggies, and starchy rice with that famous ‘crust’ formed by the heat of the stone pot.”


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“My most favourite variation of fried chicken at the moment, would have to be Korean Fried Chicken. And that is what brings us to Arisun.”


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“Arisun is a popular city hot spot for anyone craving no-fuss Korean cuisine, namely kick-ass chilli fried chicken and black bean noodles. The large, relaxed setting is welcoming and atmospheric, and stays open till the wee hours. This is the place for a hearty feed after a night on the town, and we hear they do a mean hot pot. ”


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“Their golden brown fried chicken is something legends are made of, lightly seasoned and holding in all that flavourful juice just waiting to pleasure your palette. “

Great atmosphere. Loving the details with the mushroom heaters and the clean blankets. Would have liked the chicken to come with more sauce. The soy sauce is definitely a winner.

Pinicolada, Zomato

Extremely popular chain of Korean restaurants specialising in Korean fried chicken and bean noodles. Great outdoor dining area, amazing food and great customer service. My personal favourites are the soy-flavoured chicken and spicy pork with cheese.
Highly recommend this place for a Friday night out with a big group!

Eat With Pete, Zomato

Always my go to place for korean chicken! The snow cheese boneless chicken was amazing crispy and the cheese was so good! And the portion was so generous. The ramen was good as well there was many toppings inside. The staffs on weekends are way too less comparing the number of visitors.

GrabandBites, Zomato
(Expert in Chinatown)

Twice in one month we have had the chance to try Arisun, we discovered it by accident last month and lived it so went again today.
On both visits we have had fresh authentic Korean food with generous serves and friendly service.

Lis, Tripadvisor

I had dinner here with a Korean friend visiting Sydney. We ordered three dishes from a beef & mushroom hot pot to a seafood omelette to Arisun fried chicken and washed this down with a Korean beer each. Of these I found the fried chicken the most satisfying.

Armagana, Tripadvisor

Amazing staff and great service. Its a must try restaurant and the manager is an awesome guy. Treat as like vvip and make us very comfortable also helped to pick best dishes.

Sohrah, Tripadvisor

Went here for a birthday and really enjoyed it.
Had the friend chicken which was really good. They served it with a honey mustard sauce. Also they have large beers that are served in your own personal keg, which makes for a fun time for the whole table.
Food arrives really fast too, which is great if you’re starving.
Will definitely be back again for more fried chicken.

Yelena, Tripadvisor

Always amazing welcoming staff, quick service and delicious food. I bought a friend here for a quick feed and all we needed was one full size serving of finger licking spicy chicken and delicious house made kim chi. I’ll always come for their chicken and their hot pot.

Kavey, Tripadvisor

Favourite place to go for Korean food ever! Large quantities, delicious spicy cheesy chicken, squid is mouth watering, fried rice is unbeatable! My partner and I come here at least once a month, we are always dragging along more people to share this restaurant with. It is a bit dear compared to other places but we don’t mind it as the quality is always spot on.

Zahra, Google reviews
(Local Guide)

Go-to korean restaurant for jajjangmyeon in sydney. busy especially late at night. Consistency of food is excellent and staff are friendly and attentive.

Jade, Google reviews
(Local Guide)

I eat at this place regularly and whilst I generally feel that it is Terrible for my health, the combination of tabasco chicken and Soju is probably the best thing I will ever find. The staff are polite and a touch harried, the place tries to enhance the bill at every opportunity but ultimately it’s just that good you’ll put up with all of the nonsense just to get a bit more.

Jahan, Google reviews
(Local Guide)

Love their spicy pork belly barbeque. The best in the world.

Charles, Google reviews
(Local Guide)

Both Sydney CBD locations are in busy areas so you might have to wait a few minutes but stick with it, it’s worth it.
It’s a good spot for after work food and a beer, it gets busy so my tip is go early.

Alex, Google reviews
(Local Guide)